ISO files are said to be archived files. They have an image of a DVD or a CD. The ISO files can be used to store data of a CD in that instead of buying a CD you can download the ISO image and have the contents of the CD.ISO files are more useful and have become popular among people for downloading software programs and games. Additionally, you can run the ISO files on windows PC by mounting them on a virtual machine.

In most cases, ISO files contain very useful information thus they are not easily replaced. Losing this files can bring about stress and anxiety. There are a number of ways people delete the ISO files they include the following:

The hard disk can be formatted when you never scheduled to format it. The ISO file can be corrupted due to the presence of a bug or virus in the PC.

There are many more ways the ISO files can be deleted thus for you to recover them, you will need an ISO recovery tool. We asked a Data Recovery company about software recoveries. They told us that the success rate really depends on failure type. We decided to make our own tests to see the potential results. We decided to try out wondershare. This recovery tool will make it easier to recover the formatted files. All you need to have in your PC is the best recovery tool among the ones available in the market. The wondershare recovery tool is one of those considered to be the best and it’s said to recover the following data:


Deleted or lost data

Recover data from recycle bin ,memory card, flash, hard drive, camcorders and digital cameras Formatted, corrupted hard drive, system crash, virus attack and sudden deletion Wondershare is one of the best data recovery tools and it’s used the following ways:


  1. You need to select the files that you want to recover. Click on the option ‘’All file types’’ in for the ISO files to be recovered.


  1. You need to ensure the files you want to recover were stored in a particular location and then click ‘’start’’ in order to scan the lost ISO files.


  1. You can then click on ‘’deep scan lost ISO files’’ if the quick scan has not found the lost files. The deep scan takes more times to scan on the lost files but it will deeply scan to create high chances of getting them.


  1. Once files have been recovered you can preview and save them to any suitable location.

To be concise, the wondershare recovery tool is the best in the market and has the required features to recover your lost ISO files. You can install it in your MacBook and try to recover your lost ISO files in order to reduce your anxiety and stress.





The Differences between iOS and Android Data Servers

The Differences between IOS and Android Data Servers

For a long time, there has been a debate concerning which data servers are better between IOs and android. To begin with, the security of your data servers is very important because of various reasons. For instance, the data servers contain your critical and important information or data that losing them to anyone or anything would be catastrophic. Secondly, data servers are important in the sense that, without them, you would not be able to access any of your online data. These beg the need to choose and have proper working servers at all times.

What are the differences between the two operating systems?

Whether you are an android or an IOS user, here are some of the differences regarding your data servers that you need to know:

Updating of servers

For android users, updating of your data servers is mostly manually. You need to give permission to the serves to conduct regular updates without which they will not. On the other hand, IOS has self-updating features that allows its users to get the latest version of data servers. According to research, most android users are still using data severs created over two years ago while there are recent ones available. On the other hand, IOS users have the latest servers at all times.

Privacy features

IOS is more private in its dealings as compared to android. The Apple Company has taken a step forward to include built in privacy features that makes it hard for unauthorized persons to gain access to its data servers. According to the various researches conducted, iPhone’s apple store is tougher to crack. In addition to that, the pass codes and fingerprint privacy features are on point. On the other hand, for android, it is up to the user to improve one’s privacy features through the various means available.

Which is has better secured data servers

After looking at the above features, we can say that IOS has an upper hand over android. The Apple Company has taken a huge step into ensuring that its users have utmost safety and that their data servers are secure. While it is true that IOS can suffer attacks too, research shows that it takes a lot to crack them. On the other hand, android is not a bad option especially if you are one that likes to monitor everything that happens to your phone. You can update the systems regularly (this is one way of ensuring security to your data servers) and improve your privacy in the process.


It is clear that IOS wins the debate concerning which Company has better data servers’ security. As compared to android, IOS has quality pass codes and fingerprint options. This provides one way through which it enhances its data server’s security. IOS’s operating systems are always updated as compared to android operating systems that require regular updates. Generally, IOS offers better data server security.



The Best Way to Use an iPad or MacBook for Data Security

Data security is a privacy measure which involves preventing unauthorized users from getting access to your computer, your information or even your website. Data security also involves protecting your data from being corrupted. IPads and MacBook are part of the innovative technologies that are becoming extremely popular nowadays. With their increased use it necessitates one to take certain security measures to ensure that no unauthorized users get access to your IPad or MacBook. There are certain steps that one can take to ensure that they have data security.

One of the ways to prevent unauthorized access to your iPad or MacBook is to set a password to your device. The password should be kept confidential. With more innovations along the way people have come up with something called personal identity sensor. This is an application which allows one to use biometrics for authentication so that you can unlock your device for use. There is also the use of finger print identification to unlock your device. This involves setting your device to recognize your finger print. This will ensure that your iPad or MacBook is safe in that it can only be unlocked in your presence.

The second way to ensure data security in your iPad or MacBook is to use two-step verification. Two- step verification is a security tool that is provided by Google and Dropbox. All you need is to install it to your iPad or MacBook. This security tool works in such a way that whenever you log in to your device you will be asked for the password and an SMS verification code which when confirmed will grant you access to your device.

The third way which can be used to ensure data security in your iPad and MacBook is to use a security tool known as Find My iPhone/iPad. This security tool is an extremely useful tool especially when your iPad or MacBook gets stolen. It works in such a way that when your device gets stolen you just have to log in with another device. If your device is within your vicinity the device will play a sound. If it has been stolen, the stolen device will be able to be located using a map and you will be able to lock it. If your device is off this whole procedure will take effect the time the device is on.

5 ways how android & iOS help to recovery our data

Our mobile phones and other mobile devices have become vital storage devices as we store contacts, music, pictures as well as important documents. Sometimes though, this data can be lost or corrupted and we end up in a panic. To counter this however, you need to know how to recover data from such devices.

Most of the mobile devices either run on Android or iOS system so it is important to know how to recover data from devices running on these 2 operating systems. In order to recover your data, this is what you need to do.


Back up

Even before you accidentally delete of have your data corrupted. Make sure you backup all important data. Both operating systems have provisions for backing up data on the cloud. You can use dropbox, Google drive or OneDrive. Once you have your files backed up, it should not be hard to recover data since you can simply access the backed up data and restore it to your device whenever you need it. Cloud storage can store deleted files for a period of time which will allow you to recover it in case of loss.


Using your PC


Some times you may not be able to access the device folders directly off the device so you may need to connect it to a PC, when you have it connected to the PC, you can access it like the other drives on a PC and so you can use the same software that you would use to recover data on different disks on a PC. Some of these include DriveDigger, Disk Drill and Mini Tool Mac data recovery.


Root Access

If you are using android, root access is the only direct way to gain access to your lost data. It comes with a few risks but if you a desperate to recover your data you may want to consider this.rooting your phone makes it possible for you to gain access to the files using apps that can recover data from an android device. The danger with rooting is it can void your warranty.



if you are running iOS, then the iCloud can be your solution for recovery. iCloud is especially used to backup photos and videos and if you delete any of them, they are stored for 40 days on the icloud so you can simply gain access to it and find the photos you may have accidentally deleted and restore them.