5 ways how android & iOS help to recovery our data

Our mobile phones and other mobile devices have become vital storage devices as we store contacts, music, pictures as well as important documents. Sometimes though, this data can be lost or corrupted and we end up in a panic. To counter this however, you need to know how to recover data from such devices.

Most of the mobile devices either run on Android or iOS system so it is important to know how to recover data from devices running on these 2 operating systems. In order to recover your data, this is what you need to do.


Back up

Even before you accidentally delete of have your data corrupted. Make sure you backup all important data. Both operating systems have provisions for backing up data on the cloud. You can use dropbox, Google drive or OneDrive. Once you have your files backed up, it should not be hard to recover data since you can simply access the backed up data and restore it to your device whenever you need it. Cloud storage can store deleted files for a period of time which will allow you to recover it in case of loss.


Using your PC


Some times you may not be able to access the device folders directly off the device so you may need to connect it to a PC, when you have it connected to the PC, you can access it like the other drives on a PC and so you can use the same software that you would use to recover data on different disks on a PC. Some of these include DriveDigger, Disk Drill and Mini Tool Mac data recovery.


Root Access

If you are using android, root access is the only direct way to gain access to your lost data. It comes with a few risks but if you a desperate to recover your data you may want to consider this.rooting your phone makes it possible for you to gain access to the files using apps that can recover data from an android device. The danger with rooting is it can void your warranty.



if you are running iOS, then the iCloud can be your solution for recovery. iCloud is especially used to backup photos and videos and if you delete any of them, they are stored for 40 days on the icloud so you can simply gain access to it and find the photos you may have accidentally deleted and restore them.